Song Premiere Vorare

Song Premiere with Vorare

Video Premiere Death_by_gong

Video Premiere with Death by Gong

Video_premiere Lucy_kruger

Video Premiere with Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys

Double Premiere - Madness / Morgen

Record Special with Antzaat / Ronarg


Record Special with Demersal

Video_premiere Telepathy

Video Premiere with Telepathy

Song_premiere Tintoretto

Song Premiere with Tintoretto

Video_premiere State_of_non_return

Video Premiere with State of Non Return

Video_premiere Throatsnapper_brilliant_insane

Video Premiere with Throatsnapper

Video_premiere The_nox_black nebula

Video Premiere with Nox

Record_premiere Our_wrongs_many_blessings

Album Premiere with Our Wrongs & Many Blessings

Record_premiere Walk_through_fire

Album Premiere with Walk Through Fire

Record_premiere Odist

Record Premiere with Odist

Video_premiere Rule_of_two

Video Premiere with Rule of Two

Record_special Abscissor

Record Premiere with Abscissor

Song_premiere Kohlrabenschwarz

Record Premiere with Kohlrabenschwarz

Song_premiere All_are_to_return

Song Premiere with All Are to Return

Interview with Deaf Club X Fuck Money

Song Premiere with Deaf Club X Fuck Money

Song_premiere Empusae

Song Premiere with Empusae ft. Peter Bjärgö

Video_premiere To_end_it_all

Video Premiere with To End it All

Video_premiere Throwing_bricks_ontaard

Video Premiere with Throwing Bricks & Ontaard

Video_premiere Aortes

Video Premiere with Aortes

Record_premiere Je_est_un_autre

Record Special with Je Est un Autre

Album_premiere Defying

Record Premiere with Defying

Song_premiere Velcros

Song Premiere with Velcros

Video_premiere Bosco_sacro

Video Premiere with Bosco Sacro

Record_premiere A_sun_amissa

Record Premiere with A-Sun Amissa

Song_premiere Cuntroaches

Song Premiere with Cuntroaches

Records_special The_short_sharp_666_january

Records Special with Various Artists

Video_premiere Vaegtlos

Video Premiere with Vægtløs

Video_premiere The_nox_entity

Video Premiere with Nox

Record_special Coraxbm

Record Special with Corax B.M.

Record_special Besra

Record Special with Besra


AOTY 2023 with Martin


AOTY 2023 with Lucia

Album_premiere Linnea_hjerten

Album Premiere with Linnea Hjertén

Song_premiere Junta

Song Premiere with Junta

Record_premiere Uragano

Song Premiere with Uragano

Records_special The_short_sharp_666_decembre

Records Special with Various Artists

Record_premiere Gula16

Record Premiere with Gula

Records_special The_short_sharp_666_novembre

Records Special with Various Artists

Damnation Festival

Festival Review with Damnation Festival

Song_premiere Aldrig

Song Premiere with ALDRIG

Song_premiere The_black_garden_circus

Video Premiere with The Black Garden Circus

Song_premiere Gnaw_their_tongues

Song Premiere with Gnaw Their Tongues

Records_special The_short_sharp_666_octobre

Records Special with Various Artists


ATG Interviews Special with Din of Celestial Birds & Hidden Mothers

Song_premiere Endlingr

Song Premiere with Endlingr

Record_premiere Brave_arrows

Record Premiere with Brave Arrows

Video_premiere The_land_of_the_snow

Video Premiere with The Land of the Snow

Record_premiere Sleepbomb

Record Premiere with Sleepbomb

Record_premiere Uranium

Record Premiere with Uranium

Record_special Cmdr_rikr

Record Special with CMDR RIKR

Book_special On_the_might_of_princes

Movie Special with Chris Enriquez

Book_special Alex_anesiadis

Book Special with Alexandros Anesiadis

Ken_mode Void

Record Special with KEN Mode

Video_premiere Iscoscope

Video Premiere with Isoscope

Video_premiere Spread_the_disease

Song Premiere with Spread the Disease

Video_premiere Somei

Song Premiere with somei

Song_premiere Helve

Song Premiere with Helve

Song_premiere Azimut

Song Premiere with Azimut

Song_premiere Chiaraoscuro

Song Premiere with ChiaraOscuro

Record_premiere The_world_at_a_glance

Record Premiere with The World At A Glance

Video_premiere Tired_minds

Video Premiere with Tired Minds

Record_premiere Sleepwalker

Record Premiere with 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker)

Record_special Dead_neanderthals_review_plus_interview

Record Special with Dead Neanderthals

Song_premiere Cliff Ruin

Song Premiere with Cliff Ruin

Video_premiere Cmdr_rikr

Video Premiere with CMDR RIKR

Book_special Eugene_robinson

Book Special with Eugene Robinson

Song_premiere Decoherence

Song Premiere with Decoherence

Record_premiere Seasons_worn

Record Premiere with Seasons Worn

Song_premiere Mairu

Song Premiere with Mairu

Song_premiere Dead_neanderthals

Song Premiere with Dead Neanderthals

Mid Term Selection Special

Records Special with Veil of Sound - Staffers

Record_special Omen_astra_review_plus_interview

Record Special with Omen Astra


Video Premiere with Exit Bags


Song Premiere with Sutekh Hexen & Funerary Call

Book_premiere Joe_carducci

Book Premiere with Joe Carducci

Video_premiere Eave

Video Premiere with Eave

Video_premiere Communion

Record Premiere with Strommorts & Eeli Helin

Video_premiere Dor

Song Premiere with DOR

Video_premiere Monosphere

Song Premiere with Monosphere

Record_premiere Takh Takhmd

Record Premiere with TAKH

Video_premiere Erei_cross

Video Premiere with Erei Cross

Song_premiere Kostnateni Rukojmí_empatie

Song Premiere with Kostnatění

Book_premiere Michael_tau

Book Premiere with Michael Tau

Song_premiere Crepitation Vicious_entwattering

Song Premiere with Crepitation

Video_premiere De_forbandede

Video Premiere with De Forbandede

Record_premiere Daughters_of_saint_crispin

Record Premiere with Daughters of Saint Crispin

Video_premiere A_giant_echo

Video Premiere with A Giant Echo

Video_premiere Terzij_de_horde_ggu_ll

Video Premiere with Terzij de Horde / Ggu:ll

Song_premiere Vexing

Song Premiere with Vexing

Video_premiere Start_the_monkey

Video Premiere with Start The Monkey

Song_premiere Wolfredt

Video Premiere with Wolfredt

Song_premiere Mesmur Refraction

Song Premiere with Mesmur

Song_premiere Leagus Tendril

Song Premiere with Leagus ft. Nordnorsk Jazzensemble

Song_premiere Cicada_the_burrower

Song Premiere with Cicada The Burrower

Song_premiere Welcome_to_holyland

Song Premiere with Welcome to Holyland

Special_album_review Rorcal

Album Special with Rorcal

Record_premiere Sostre

Album Premiere with Søstre

Video_premiere Besra

Video Premiere with Besra

Video_premiere Cultro

Video Premiere with Cultro

Video_premiere Basils_kite

Video Premiere with Basil's Kite

Record_premiere Terminal

Album Premiere with Terminal

Record_premiere Disminded

Album Premiere with Disminded

Record_premiere Ojerum

Album Premiere with øjeRum

Song_premiere Black_flak_and_the_nightmare_fighters

Song Premiere with Black Flak and the Nightmare Fighters

Record_premiere Hepa_titus

Album Premiere with hepa. Titus

Record_premiere Vain_valkyries

Album Premiere with Vain Valkyries

Video_premiere Kahrmalia

Video Premiere with Kahrmalia

Song_premiere Arhios

Video Premiere with Arhios

Song_premiere Often_the_thinker

Song Premiere with Often The Thinker

Oahk Numeric_hands

Album Premiere with OAHK

Song_premiere A_reason_to_travel

Song Premiere with A Reason To Travel

Video_premiere Aortes

Video Premiere with Aortes

Preview Special Mellowdeath

Special with Mellowdeath

Wuodan's Wunde - I

Song Premiere with Wuodan's Wunde

Adam Zejma - Rusher Cutting, For Keji

Record Premiere with Adam Zejma

Premiere - jeffk - Fingers

Song Premiere with jeffk

Song_premiere_kollapse Anaemia

Song Premiere with KOLLAPS\E

Video_premiere Ropes_inside_a_hole

Video Premiere with Ropes Inside A Hole

Song_premiere Worriedaboutsatan

Song Premiere with Worriedaboutsatan

Covers Special

Special with ÅRABROT & VoS

Album_premiere A_lombre_d_hemera

Album Premiere with À l'ombre d'Héméra

Album_premiere Ultra_balance

Album Premiere with Ultra Balance

Wprd Monthly_roundup_september_october
Video_premiere Repetita_iuvant

Video Premiere with Repetita Iuvant

Song_premiere Asphodel_wine

Song Premiere with Asphodel Wine

Song_premiere Cuntroaches

Song Premiere with Cuntroaches

Video_premiere God_ribbons

Video Premiere with Gob Ribbons

Song_premiere Mountainscape

Song Premiere with Mountainscape

Clip_premiere Butsenzeller_zool

Clip Premieres with Butsenzeller / ZOOL.

Innerwoud Furie

Album Premiere with Innerwoud

Video_premiere Sedna

Video Premiere with SednA

Song_premiere A_lombre_dhemera

Song Premiere with À L'Ombre d'Héméra

Video_premiere Blackbird_hill

Video Premiere with Blackbird Hill

Song_premiere Thisquietarmy_x_away

Video Premiere with thisquietarmy X Away

Song_premiere Die_suende

Song Premiere with Die Sünde

Song_premiere My_education

Song Premiere with My Education

Song_premiere Earthflesh

Song Premiere with EARTHFLESH & EYEROLLS

Album_premiere Tysk_tysk_task

Song Premiere with Tysk Tysk Task

Records_from_the_heart_no11 Ian_stokely

Records From the Heart No. 11 - Ian Stokely (Lucida Dark) with ISIS

Album_premiere Touccan

Record Premiere with Touccan

Song_premiere Deer_park_ranger

Song Premiere with Deer Park Ranger

Album_premiere Ashtoreth_pilgrimage_to_pleroma

Full Album Premiere with Ashtoreth/Stratosphere/Marko Neuman & Pilgrimage to Pleroma

Wprd Monthly_roundup_may
Video_premiere Hundred_year_old_man

Video Premiere with Hundred Year Old Man

Video_premiere Hundred_year_old_man

Video Premiere with Hundred Year Old Man

Records_from_the_heart_no10 Michael_socrates

Records From the Heart No. 10 - Michael Socrates (ITTCT, Brave Arrows, Artificial Astronaut) with Stabbing Westward

Video_premiere Hundred_year_old_man

Video Premiere with Hundred Year Old Man

Video_premiere Heimlich_manoever

Video Premiere with Heimlich Manøver

Album_premiere Chasing_foxes

Album Premiere with Chasing Foxes

Wprd Monthly_roundup_march_april
Song_premiere Wolfredt

Song Premiere with Wolfredt

Video_premiere Monosphere

Video Premiere with Monosphere

Song_premiere Soldat Hans

Song Premiere with Soldat Hans

Records_from_the_heart_no9 Eugene_oxbow

Records From the Heart No. 9 - Eugene S. Robinson (BUNUEL, OXBOW) with Johnny Mathis

Album_premiere Gairo

Album Premiere with Gairo

Video_premiere Metide

Video Premiere with Metide

Video_premiere Sound_animal

Video Premiere with Sound Animal

Wprd Monthly_roundup_february
Records_from_the_heart_no8 Kjetil_arabrot

Records From the Heart No. 8 - Kjetil, The Man With The Hat (Årabrot) with Captain Beefheart

Song_premiere Terzij_de_horde

Song Premiere with Terzij de Horde

Song_premiere A_terre

Song Premiere with À Terre

Album_premiere Arne_heesch

Album Premiere with Arne Heesch

Video_premiere Mosaic

Video Premiere with MOSAIC

Wprd Monthly_roundup_january
Video_premiere Qoya

Video Premiere with QOYA

Video_premiere Bruecken

Video Premiere with BRUECKEN

Records_from_the_heart_no7 Tuur_soete

Records From the Heart No. 7 - Tuur Soete (Mother) with Eleanora

Song_premiere Thoughts_trial_ft. greybloom

Song Premiere with Thought Trials ft. Greybloom

Video_premiere Artificial_astronaut

Video Premiere with Artificial Astronaut

Records_from_the_heart_no6 Dieter_christiaansen

Records From the Heart No. 6 - Dieter Christiaansen (À L'Ombre D´Héméra) with Milanku

Wprd Monthly_roundup_december
Video_premiere Terreuse

Video Premiere with Terreuse

The_sea_shall_not_have_them Lower_the_sky

Song Premiere with The Sea Shall Not Have Them

Song_premiere Ekca_liena

Song Premiere with Ekca Liena

Video_premiere A_place_in_between

Video Premiere - "Breathe" with A Place In Between

Wprd Monthly_roundup_october_november
Video_premiere Fargue

Video Premiere - "Tes Yeux Ouverts, Le Reflet Du Soleil" with Fargue

Records_from_the_heart_no5 Filip_dupont

Records From the Heart No. 5 - Filip Dupont (Hemelbestormer) with Alkerdeel

Video_premiere Hifiklub_garwoord_jm_bossini

Video Premiere - "Deep As The Sun" with Hifiklub, Duke Garwood and Jean-Michel Bossini


Sum Of R live at Roadburn with Sum Of R

Song_premiere Monosphere I_am_in_conflict

Song Premiere with Monosphere

Records_from_the_heart_no4 Stefan_de_graef

Records From the Heart No. 4 - Stefan de Graef (Psychonaut) with The Ocean

Wprd Monthly_roundup_september
Video_premiere Thisquietarmy_x_away

Video Premiere with thisquietarmy x away

Video_premiere Sugar_horse

Video Premiere with Sugar Horse

Records_from_the_heart_no3 Andrew_colohan

Records From the Heart No. 3 - Andrew Colohan (Raum Kingdom) with Acid Bath

Video_premiere Enablers

Video Premiere with Enablers

Song_premiere Eeli_helin

Song Premiere with Eeli Helin

Album_premiere Wolfredt Livesession

Album Premiere with Wolfredt

Song_premiere Hallucine

Song Premiere with Anne Bakker, René Aquarius & Rutger Zuydervelt

Wprd Monthly_roundup_august
Song_premiere Transmission_zero

Song Premiere with Transmission Zero

Album_premiere Brave_arrows

Album Premiere with Brave Arrows

Records_from_the_heart_no2 Mircea becherescu

Records From the Heart No. 2 - Mircea Becherescu with Stories From The Lost

Song_premiere Insect_ark

Song Premiere with Insect Ark

Wprd Monthly_roundup_july
Records_from_the_heart_no1 Sebastian_krockel

Records From the Heart No. 1 - Sebastian Krockel with Neurosis

Album_premiere Espinoza_espinoza

Album Premiere with Espinoza Espinoza

Wprd Monthly_roundup_june
Video_premiere Zement

Video Premiere with Zement

Video_premiere Kehlvin

Video Premiere with Kehlvin

Wprd Monthly_roundup_may
Release_premiere Repetita_iuvant

Release Premiere with Repetita Iuvant

Video_premiere Iivii

Video Premiere with IIVII

Wprd Monthly_roundup_april
Song_premiere Eeli_helin

Song Premiere with Eeli Helin

Video_premiere Ural_umbo

Video Premiere with Ural Umbo

Album_premiere Radiant_knife_woorms_split

Album Premiere with Radiant Knife / Woorms


Special with Scene Report No. 2

Hemlock_smith_&_les_poissons_autistes The_necrophone_sessions

Album Premiere with Hemlock Smith & Les Poissons Autistes

Premiere Endlings Fragil

Song premiere with Endlings

Special_scene_report_no_1 Budapest_post_scene

Special with Scene Report No. 1