Repetita Iuvant - Albinus

07 Nov 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Mathy Post-Rock

Repetita Iuvant is a kinda mathy Post-Rock band from La Spezia, Italy. They have already been featured on VoS before and we are happy to show you the video for their latest single today!

When listening to “Albinus” one might not imagine a certain political agenda behind it, but be assured - there is. The song itself is a somewhat dreamy but nevertheless on-point track with swirling guitar sounds, some straight-forward riffs and some very mellow beat which swells up during the course of the song in order to highlight the absurdity of war and fighting on the one side but also the necessity of it for the greater, common good. Repetita Iuvant show us what they are capable of creating and that is surely something that genre-lovers should behold, especially the somewhat free form in the middle section of the track where the instruments seemingly run counter to each other. When they again join forces to the end the video suddenly shows the former black and white pencil pictures against a full-color background. As if trying to say ‘Well, look, those were real people, not just drawings!’ - a powerful and daring move which demands respect for both - the dead and the artists honoring them. Enjoy the track as much as you can - but do not forget the serious background it has!

Dedicated to the memory of Edy and Orso who gave their lives in order to protect ours from any form of dictatorship and fascism!