BRUECKEN - Zerrbild

07 Feb 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Post-Rock

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Shadows and golden yellow. The two main impressions of the new video by Post-Rock alchemists BRUECKEN from Northern Germany, a region that is just as vivid as Southern Germany whose There’s A Light has just been reviewed by us heavily. BRUECKEN will soon release their next full-length at the end of March. This video and song should be more than enough reason to be looking forward to Innere Unruhen!

BRUECKEN was formed as a kind of post-hardcore/screamo band in 2016 but the band were forced to pursue a change of direction after their bass player/singer died in 2017. They started to write instrumental music with their new bass player Jens and even though it sometimes sounds like two different bands there is still that certain urgency in their songs that really sets them apart from many other post-rock bands. And in some ways that is also reflected in the title of their next record Innere Unruhen which in English means something like “inner turmoil”. A wonderful motive for a band in the middle of these troublesome times, when even the recluse inside oneself sometimes doesn’t provide the peace needed. The songs seem to reflect our troublesome times and the effect this whole “thing” has on all of us!

However, there is not much left for us to say than enjoy the video for “Zerrbild” and be sure to pay attention when Innere Unruhen drops at the end of March – Pre-orders are available now over at Moment of Collapse Records!

Photo credit: Thea Drexhage