Record_special Dead_neanderthals_review_plus_interview

Dead Neanderthals - Specters


The Dutch Whatever-Metal-Protagonists of Dead Neanderthals are back with another rambunctious record between them and Scott Hedrick (Skeletonwitch). Once again, the guys push the limits of what is possible to another limit, a record that convinces at first spin and enamors even more with every next session!

Whenever listening to Dead Neanderthals I cannot suppress the notion of virtuous genius played by fans of heavy music; and that notion becomes even clearer once you combine it with some of the side projects of the two band members (e.g. the amicably wild Death Metal rides of Cryptae or the Cocteau’ish wall of sound-engineering in Twin Sister). René Aquarius and Otto Kokke are not your average musicians, they are open-minded guys with their feet, rather their toes, in oh so many genres and what is even more astonishing is the level with which they adapt each and every one of them. They both have an understanding for the levels of sound, musical skills, accompanying freedom and necessity of structures and then connect these singular genres in their own vision of Dead Neanderthals.

Over the years this vision has been further embellished with many collaborations, and Specters marks the second time (after 2019’s Ghosts) they work with Skeletonwitch’s Scott Hedrick who loves Krautrock and the Dead Neanderthals-version of Free-Jazz-Kraut-Doom-Sludge-Rock so much he turned from fan to collaborator. The three were already scheduled to perform live together at Roadburn 2020, but we all know why that didn’t take place. Specters is heavier but at the same time also more melodious (at least to my ears), the way that the guys layer track upon track to finally achieve something much bigger than the sum of its parts is really amazing and intriguing. The two tracks with more than 35 minutes are heavy Psych- or Kraut-Doom and they still find the time to adorn the sounds with some bright classic rock moments (especially in the first track ”Necrology”), even though you might have to listen very carefully to find those within the storm that the threesome has conjured for us.

We are very happy to give you this short review and this interview with the guys because we are sure that one will not find such an EP again in 2023! Enjoy the record, check out the interview and don’t forget to buy the record in three days, when its release coincides with Bandcamp Friday!

You can also order your copy of Specters via Utech Records for orders from the US and elsewhere or via the band’s own BC page for orders from Europe !