Ultra Balance - Mental Escape

23 Nov 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Synthwave

Synthwave is not a common thing here on Veil of Sound, but Ultra Balance and their debut record is more than a simple exception. It is somewhere in the middle between House and Synthwave and therefore quite exciting!

One might remember the BigBeat era when Drum’n’Bass became even more accessible and bands like The Chemical Brothers had a huge hit like “Hey Boy Hey Girl” and we might remember how that sound was dominating the dancefloors. Fast forward 20 years and the newest big thing is Synthwave and acts like Perturbator, Trevor Something or Neon Indian dominate the scene. France has another remarkable dice in the game now with Ultra Balance from Nantes, whose debut Mental Escape can be heard here today and which will be released on Friday by Frozen Records. And now, move y’all!