Asphodel Wine - Jesus Piece

30 Oct 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Gothic, Doom

There might be no better time for a new track by Asphodel Wine than the fall, and maybe even more precise, than Halloween. Therefore we are very happy to give you just that a new track by Sarah Pendleton and Zachary Livingston called Jesus Piece!

The couple from different parts of the US and from two pretty famous bands (do your own research!) have recorded a new record and “Jesus Piece” is a really good example of what makes the duo such an interesting act: A lot of Gothic atmosphere which makes one reach for the candles and lit many of them in order to establish the right environment for these dark rock songs with a lot of violin support for the melodic guitar lines. That is something the two are really good at, establishing a mood somewhere between The Castle of Otranto and Dracula, between The Watcher and The Witcher. Their formula is to take the best from Folk Rock, some classic Heavy and Doom Metal and enrich it with the Gothic elements that they throw in seemingly effortlessly and it has been ever since their debut Slowdance Macabre (which we also reviewed).

But now follow this link here, you can listen to this new track!

PS: you might want to check their Bandcamp-page soon!