Video_premiere The_land_of_the_snow

The Land of the Snow - As Within So Without


No this is not an advertisement for a new edition of Jon Snow-merchandise of the next unnecessary Game of Thrones-Sequel-Prequel-What-the-hellquel - this is the premiere of a studio session version of The Land of the Snow’s new single “Wrathful Offerings” and you will notice that this is much better than any of the above-quels!

Crunch, Crunch and more crunch. That’s what you will get from The Land of the Snow’s new single filmed as a studio session with mastermind Joel Gilardini (also known for his work with KK Null in Psychic Drones) on the guitar and drummer Jacopo Pierazzuoli in a different setting providing the heavy backdrop on which Joel can unfold his amazingly heavy yet also nuanced and sometimes even classic-rock-tuned riffs and spheres. The song is taken from the latest record called As Within So Without which is out via Subsound Records and which was done together with Eraldo Bernocchi (whom you might know from Sigillum S) and Petulia Mattioli. That these four come up with such a delightful straight Post-Metal record should not come as a surprise as they are also highly skilled and experienced musicians and visual contributors. The record itself is a mind-blowing amalgam - because of its density and its diversity in sound and in the way it speaks to the senses!

Make sure to check the Subsound Records’ webstore or the band’s Bandcamp page if you like this song and want to get a physical copy!