Video_premiere Ropes_inside_a_hole

Ropes Inside A Hole - Loss & Grief


Ropes Inside A Hole might sound like a new name on the scene but actually it’s the former Post-Rock-hopefuls RIAH now forming a band to give meaning to what they now regard as an acronym. Veil of Sound is very happy to give you their new single “Loss & Grief”! And we are sure you will like this one too!

January 10 will see the release of the second album, A Man and His Nature, by Italian Post-Metal band Ropes Inside A Hole, and man, the record sure hits the spot with all its slow build-ups and wonderful twists and turns. Plus the band has something that many Post-Rock-based bands don’t have: A good singer, who can really carry a song with his voice somewhere between a whisper and a monologue and with a few minor eruptions. This addition of vocals also makes for a somewhat completely new chapter in their sound-book, so one should really give it a thorough listen!

“Loss & Grief”, the second single, is accompanied by a video showing old footage of a family (presumably one of the band members’ old family films). The connection of footage and song surely points out the loss of innocence, the loss of one’s past and the grief that comes along with losing that past and losing one’s beloved people. A never-tiring topic known by most of us, so we surely can relate.

The song and the video are both highly captivating and will grab your attention by the throat and spin in your head quickly - and endlessly. So you better get your pre-order now at Voice of the Unheard!