Mountainscape - Earthpulse

07 Oct 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Post-Rock, Post-Metal


Well, here we are now - they’ll entertain us. Who is ‘they’? Mountainscape from Reading, that’s who! We already gave you Simon’s brilliant review of their upcoming album Atoms Unfurling yesterday and now it is time for the premiere of “Earthpulse” and if you listen to this nine-minute-opus you will surely be positively reminded of the magic that Post-Metal unfold!

The track is a rollercoaster of wonderful guitar work spun by guitarero Dan Scrivener with lines at the bottom of the soundscapes that reminds us of some perfect synth-score and above of either spiralling ascends into the heavens above Nanga Parbat or towering over us like the emblematic wall of the Matterhorn (sorry all you Brits, but your hills are no good comparisons!)! One will find several twists and turns delivered to you by the sheer force of drummer James Scrivener, who must have shed more blood, sweat and tears on this track alone than some dream-pop drummers in their entire career. Supported by the punching but never dominating bass line by Ethan Bishop, the basis of the track is ever-shifting and reaching for the skies. Just like the whole band is aiming for the top with the new album which you can already pre-order on their Bandcamp site or at Trepanation Records’! Wherever you do it, you should do it!

And now the reason why you’re all here: “Earthpulse” by Mountainscape: