Record_premiere A_sun_amissa

A-Sun Amissa - Ruins Era


How difficult and yet accessible can you make a record? When listening to A-Sun Amissa’s work one might not see that paradox at first, because the music is simply overwhelming (and overwhelmingly good, that is!), but when you listen to their records several times you might notice it. The new full-length Ruins Era is no exception to that rule!

The way that Richard Knox (on guitars, synths and much more) and his fellow musicians Luka Bhatia (guitars) and Claire Knox (clarinet, synths and vocals) work here is amazing. You will find such a well-tempered mix of mindful drones, miraculous guitar work and mesmerizing electronics that are stacked upon each other that your mouth might be left open astonished by what you heard. The different layers and especially their spot within the mix are dynamic with one or the other often stepping out of the mix and upfront but then again slowly retreating into the collective effort - an effort that definitely feels effortless, nothing sounds forced but very organic and sometimes even ordered. Every single tone has a purporse and even that shifts sometimes - once it can be abbrassive and push your attention, at other instances it’s soft and lulling. Problematic paradox? Yes! Pleasurable procedure? Yes!!!

This is Drone Jazz of the highest level, one that can rival Zorn and Sunn O))), Earth and Nadja and many other artists! Wow! What a record! Now please excuse I need to re-immerse myself again in a new era!

You can pre-order the record via the Gizeh Records’ website, to make sure you get the record in a wonderful packaging! Today right here, right now you can enjoy Ruins Era digitally in full: