Song_premiere Cuntroaches

Cuntroaches - Gordian Knot


Back in the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great encountered the problem of the Gordian Knot which seemed impossible to untangle - how did he solve that problem? By slicing it apart with the help of his sword. Why am I telling you this? Because today we present you a song of the same name by Berlin based outfit Cuntroaches. And how do they cut the “Gordian Knot”? By attacking it with moody Noise and several Black Metal attacks! Lovely.

Cuntroaches is a miracle record as it combines the best of the experimental Noise Rock world with similarly open Black Metal - or if you need FFO’s then it combines Merzbow with Xasthur. Believe me, this record will blow your hair off (forget about socks!) - and those of who follow us for the open scope we try to give you will love it. There are moody, near-Ambient passages which are broken apart by blastbeats and then again there are parts with Noisey shots fired from broken cars driving by the empty former hedgehog zoo. Sounds crazy? It is in a way, but it is at the same time also as ordered as possible!

You can pre-order the record via the Skin Graft BC page or directly from the band and get the record right on time by February 23. Today right here, right now you can enjoy the “Gordian Knot” here: