Touccan - Full Sentimental

05 Jul 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Post-Core, Math-Rock


So, we got another premiere for you - this time from a relatively new band called Touccan from France. They allowed us to share their whole very upbeat and uplifting record with you before its release on Friday

Full Sentimental will be released by Ripcord Records from Scotland and several other labels as well, keep your eyes open for the release on July 8th. The music you will encounter is a really good mix of Emo in the vein of Coheed and Cambria or Thursday (especially the vocals) and Math-Rock a la Battles and Don Caballero, with the music doing a lot of twists and turns, jumping from side to side. Wonderfully reminiscent of “the good ole days” for old guys like me.