Video_premiere Sound_animal

Sound Animal - Bird Party!


There is normal music and there is unusual music. And then there are sounds. Einstürzende Neubauten once sang “Silence is not sexy at all” because silence meant death. When listening to Sound Animal and watching their latest video, one definitely feels alive, because this track is anything but silent!

A lot of people might be distracted by the ever-gliding, surrealistic video for “Bird Party” and yes, it is very psychedelic. Nevertheless, listen to the track, because underneath all its avantgardistic attitude and its free-flowing sounds (which of course sometimes remind one of a bird party) is a very interesting song ladden with field recordings, seemingly far-eastern wind instruments and definitely much understanding for how to construct a song that doesn’t want to look like one.

But now without much further ado, here is the video for Sound Animal’s “Bird Party”: