Record_premiere Uranium

Uranium - Pure Nuclear Death


What you get is what you expect. That could be a slogan for Sentient Ruin and its many bands that are still able to keep the very element of surprise alive within the very specific soundscape of the label between Industrial, Black and Death Metal. Uranium is another one of the gems that the label is giving us time and time again, and therefore we are more than happy to premiere the debut record of this one-man-project from the States!

Pure Nuclear Death might be a slightly sarcastic exaggeration but one must admit that the enigmatic and anonymous project has more than just a bit of potential: One can hear the clear influence of Godflesh on the hard hitting, anvil-meets-hammer-like beats in many moments of this 36-minute-attack on the audience. At the same time, there are some really nightmare-like “quiet” passages, like the soft intro to the fourth track “Fortified Mass Fungus” which over its running time will keep these near-Ambient moments but bury them underneath a continent-size mass of Industrial Metal sounds supoorted by coarse vocals to chill your spine to the max. Generally the vocals are a good trademark for this record as there are not shrill and shrieking but a bit closer to Post-Metal in the Sumac-vein. Whoever this guy is - man he knows his musical scope, roots and vision. So much is for sure, when listening to this record which seems to know no norms nor boundaries. Great stuff, as usual, as expected and yet, once again, as surprising. Thanks Sentient Ruin!

Sentient Ruin is the place to go if you want to place your order for this bone chilling, marrow-sucking record that will not leave you unaffected. Want to find out how it will affect you? Then listen to the premiere right here: