Song_premiere Wolfredt

Wolfredt - Assegai


Wolfredt’s new single starts like a banger out of olden times - as if the alarms at Tallinn’s harbor are going off because an American Navy vessel is approaching the Iron Curtain border-front during the times of the Soviet occupation. That’s how evocative this song is! And that’s once more proof for the storytelling abilities of Post-Rock because many of you will have completely different stories running around in your head like the Red Army seamen who are trying to protect the seafront of one of Europe’s most interesting cities!

IIII is Wolfredt’s second album as a full band after Margus had initiated the band as a one-man-project after 2020’s Tides and man, here we witness a band in full effect! The songs are unmistakably Wolfredt but they are high on adrenaline, muscular and powerful. A force to reckon with as some of their new songs are more in the vein of Russian Circles than ef, more If These Trees Could Talk than sleepmakeswaves. The songs are constructed with a wizard’s touch for hooks which sink deep into the neural lines beneath your skin. And “Assegai” is just a perfect example for that, because who doesn’t like to watch a grand movie for a second, a third, an eighteenth time?

Please do not forget to pre-order your copy of IIII via Moment of Collapse - this is a really mighty release!