Record_premiere The_world_at_a_glance

The World At A Glance - The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede


With bands like The World At A Glance the usual FFO’s are just useless because who can imagine the middle between SubRosa and Pianos Become The Teeth? Or Minsk and Cult Leader? This might be labelled as Post-Hardcore but that would lack the importance of one classical element that is quintessential to the sound of The World At A Glance.

Admittedly, one of the nicest perks of doing this zine-thing for near-2,5-years now is the influx of awesome music you haven’t heard before. People come and tell you about bands you should check out and there are a few people I trust closed eyes - Dan from Mastiff, Chris from the disbanded Agvirre, Ralph from Ropes of Night, Eeli from Fawn Limbs to drop and thank just a few. The last one put me onto this release right here: The World At A Glance, a core-trio of musicians from Down Under that sounds like the cross-reference mentioned above. They share bass duties and on this record they’re even a quartet plus additional musicians and my god they have something on their hands here. The urgency of Post-Hardcore, the skills of an Experimental Doom band and the songwriting of a band much older than these folks here. There are moments of pure volcanic eruptions and then there are these interwoven violin parts - every song grabs you by the throat and purveys soothing melancholy or despaired galore in the form of bone-shaking riffing and screaming. The clean passages sometimes remind me of early to mid-80s English Indie rock and when these fall into place with the string sections it becomes one of those total surprise records of 2023. Listen to this record here on VoS before it is released in two days, so you are also ahead of most others! Amazing thing, these seven songs!

You can pre-order your copies of The Longest Shadow Can Only Recede via Crucible’s website here! No matter when you order it, you will be sure to get a record that will keep you occupied for quite some time.