Video_premiere Telepathy

Telepathy - Time (Hans Zimmer cover)


Forget everything you remember about “Cinematic” or “Made-for-Movies” or “Cinemascope” or anything of the sort when it comes to Post-Rock. The wonderful Essex-foursome Telepathy show you what that should really mean by giving us their first ever recorded cover and what do they choose? “Time” by the wizard of bombast soundtracks Hans Zimmer, from his soundtrack to the Christopher Nolan headscratcher Inception! This is really “Cinemascope Post-Rock made for the big screen”, folks! Enjoy our premiere today!

Telepathy are back! After their great release from 2020 (gosh, time flies, when you are dealing with a pandemic and some wars, ay?!) called Burn Embrace (which Simon reviewed very lovingly) they return four years later and have got something to say. They show that modern soundtracks and Post-Rock have very much in common, because both often use classic build-ups before the tension has to be released. In this case in the form of some exhilarating, shimmering layers of guitar that sound like a combination of Richard’s Post-Punkish sounds procured in Deathsomnia and the whirring tornadoes that Teddy used to conjure with his old band Toom. So in other news - “Time” also serves like a bridge between projects laid to rest before and after the founding of Telepathy. Sounds pretty much time-less, huh? A great track, a cool video - so what are you waiting for?

Another amazing note they stated today just as a matter of fact - we can hope for new Telepathy music soon! Let it be this big again!