Premiere - jeffk - Fingers

jeffk - Fingers


Golden Antenna Records is one of those records with a superb roster - all killer no filler. Therefore it comes as no surprise that they are now releasing the second full-length by Leipzig, Germany-based Post-Rock hopefuls jeffk, who were one of THE surprises a few years back with their first Inadequate Shelter and who are now back with TAR. Therefore Veil of Sound proudly presents the next single off of that album for you here!

When a drummer says that his hands were bleeding whenever they played or practiced a certain song, then that implies a lot of work; in this case that is Steffen Ziemann’s statement concerning “Fingers” and one can understand what he means with it. However it is not only Steffen’s drums that really drive the song forward, but also the riffs which has a kind of synthwave-quality to them, which might derive from the fact that the guitar player also shares synth-duties. All in all the song is a perfect example of what jeffk try to achieve with this record: An elegy on the idea of TAR being used to create an artisanal paradise while simultaneously destroying the original one. This mental paradox which is not observed by too many people is not an unusual topic for this kind of music, but be assured - jeffk have a different way of presenting it. And now - without much further ado, enjoy the video and get your pre-order right here at Golden Antenna Records.