Wolfredt - The Lost Art Of Humming

23 Apr 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Psycho Pop


We have a strong affinity to Post-Rock and therefore we love to talk about many bands from many countries. However, there are not many bands of that genre from Estonia - but one of them is awesome: Wolfredt! The band just toured Germany and we are really proud to present you this premiere on our 1st birthday!

Today is Record Store Day and that means that the band will release the song “The Lost Art If Humming (Now Found Again)” from their tour-only 8inch. The song was recorded more than ten years ago, when Wolfredt was still a one-man-project. However, the band decided to re-record and transform it from the orginial synth-pop character to a typical Wolfredt-song, as it has been played on so many of their concerts and is a real live staple. It is also the only of their tracks with vocals, maybe you can find them? Try to find them here: