Video_premiere Somei

somei - barbarella (melt away)


One can say a lot about the Deftones and the quality of their live-performances, but their songwriting craft and Chino’s vocal style (as influenced by 80s shoegaze as it is) have surely left their mark on the music scene. Another project that surely listened to a fair share of the Sacramento-quintet is somei, a side-project of Breaths. We are proud to present their new video!

The Deftones are one of these cult bands and Barbarella is one of those cult movies - thus somei engulf their track of the same name in this wonderful, slightly muddy waters of lo-fi wall of sound riffs and couple it with some enchanting, dreamy vocals the likes of Cocteau Twins or Slowdive. Shoegaze at its best - that is somei. The mastermind behind Breaths has founded this new one-man-band in order to give free reign for his love of this particular sound in a direction which is a bit more dreamy than Breaths and their Doom-sound. The video itself exemplifies that notion with all its bright yellow coloring. A certain dichotmy between the breakdancers in the video and the very 90s-Alternative-Nation-soundscape of the song make its duration even more enjoyable! Hope you think so too after having seen “barbarella (melt away)”!