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Rule of Two - The Hulk


Rule of Two is a new musical project by Ronny Flissundet and Kristian Liljan who are well-known and respected musicians from the Metal underground in Oslo, Norway. Their band projects include among others Kite, Damokles, and Dunderbeist. With this project, they seek other avenues for their creative outlet based in Darkwave. Rule of Two has already released two songs from their upcoming EP in June. Veil of Sound is proud to premiere the song and the video for the third song, available on YouTube, Spotify, and Bandcamp.

The musicians have left their metal-related aggressiveness behind them and put the melodic theme in front and the result is a multifaceted genre blender as they have an anarchistic take on the Darkwave genre. Flissundet’s dreamy ethereal vocal is sublime as it floats through the Electronic music accompanying the kaleidoscopic video. Both the music and the video have a sense of the 80s but are utterly up-to-date.

About the video, the musicians say: “Some heroes are villains. Some villains are heroes. Most people are a bit of both, and the psychology behind those contradictory personalities within us that summons the worst monsters at times when we need them the least is the backdrop to Rule Of Two’s “The Hulk” theme. And of course, we are kids of the 80s and comic book and movie nerds and highly influenced by the Marvel Universe as well, so that also colored the title with emerald green. This Electronic-Post-Punk-meets-Shoegaze-Indie-Rock track is both melancholic and dark, but shifts into more major-based uplifting chords in the chorus, completing the schizophrenic vibe of the lyrics.”

Music by RULE OF TWO Lyrics by Ronny Flissundet Produced by Kristian Liljan

You can also find the band here:
Bandcamp YouTube Spotify