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Eugene Robinson - A Walk Across Water and Straight Into Murderer's Row


A few weeks we gave you our interview with Oxbow for the release of their new record Love’s Holiday which will be released this Friday via Ipecac Recordings and soon you will also get our review of the record. Nevertheless, there is even more to talk about out there on Planet Oxbow and one of them is the upcoming biography by Eugene Robinson - we had to talk to him!

Reading nearly anything by my friend Eugene S. Robinson is interesting and witty, and that goes for his memoir as well. Yes, the guy wrote an autobiography about his life up to the foundation of Oxbow! He focuses on the early 20+ years of his life, his childhood in New York and what it was like for him to grow up as a child from a African American family which was a bit better off than other families. One of the key sentences in this book is the line “Don’t bring me that black bullshit” - because a) he didn’t grow up as the typical African-American child, b) his background being Jewish made him part of another minority and c) not African-American person must share the same experiences, right? The book is about him and not about a whole minority group. That being said, he is very well-skilled incorporating a lot of contemporary background into his biography, so that there is still a lot of insight into American culture of the 60s up to mid-80s. To do that spin is not easy, but Eugene is capable of doing so and adding a lot of sarcasm and humor to it, makes this such an enjoyable read.

To heat up people’s interest in A Walk Across Water and Straight into Murderer’s Row (out on Feral House on August 29th!) we are happy to present you this detailed and lengthy interview with Eugene and we hope you like it! Drop us a line, leave a comment on our socials and tell us how excited you are for Eugene’s memoir!

You can now order A Walk Across Water and Straight into Murderer’s Row via Feral House or via your local bookstore, hopefully. And don’t forget to have a look at Eugene’s substack called Look What You Made Me Do!

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