Song_premiere Cicada_the_burrower

Cicada The Burrower - Crescent Moon Smile


Dungeon Synth - we want more of this stuff. Especially when it is as diverse and cool as things like Wuodan’s Wunde (see here) or now Cicada The Burrower. The new single by the latter project will be released via Blue Bedroom Records at the beginning of April and you have a chance to listen to this really upbeat and shifty number “Crescent Moon” on VoS!

Something that is striking about “Crescent Moon Smile” is the sound of the synths on this track. Cam Davis has really found a niche for this project and it’s a wonderful one, sometimes pretty harsh on the side of the beats but then again with these mesmerizing melodies which are really driving the song forward. When Cam’s vocals set in accompanied by some hard Drum’n’Bass parts it is thus not overpowering but a mighty dynamic change which still makes you feel welcome in a way. Synthwave meets Synthpop meets Dungeon Synth. The focus is clear - the work with the possibilites of the instrument. And, blimey, Cicada the Burrower’s new album should not be missed. Keep an eye out for our detailed review in a few weeks but until then - enjoy “Crescent Moon Smile”, thanks Cam!

You can pre-order your your copy of Blight Witch Regalia via the Bandcamp page or via Blue Bedroom Records - believe us, the whole record is rewarding on many different levels. We are very sure of it! More stuff like that!