Song_premiere Ekca_liena

Ekca Liena - Drowning Flight


Drone can be such a boring genre because nothing ever happens it seems - especially if the songs don not know any change of volume for the respective spheres. Fortunately Ekca Liena (aka Daniel Mackenzie) knows about the importance of volume and tension. We present exhibit D - as in “Drowning Flight”.

On Friday, December 17th, Ekca Liena will release their last album under that stage name - and it is a really worthy ending to an oeuvre that has seen four famous full-lengths (released and re-released on many labels). Skyward Vernacular is a title which seems just as programatic as his predecessors’ - which leads to the question: What was first - the title or the music? Whichever it is, one thing remains clear, title and music fit really well as the songs have that upward-element which seems to stretch beyond the horizon, up to the heavens and it uses a lot of wind-related sounds for it as its own vernacular. One of these are wind chimes that are featured quite often on the record and the increasing volume of the single spheres so that it seems as if they are getting closer and closer. Higher and mightier. More powerful and more meaningful. What is the meaning behind the sounds? Well, find out for yourself! Here you find an example - the 12-minute-epic “Drowning Flight”: