Video_premiere Enablers

Enablers - Output Negative Space


Noise-Rock is a very open form of music because very often the musicians of the first wave of Noise-Rock came from very different backgrounds and when you listen closely to “Output Negative Space” by Enablers you can witness that first-hand. Veil of Sound is proud to present their latest video for said song.

What starts out as a very sparsely and intimate track then opens up to a multi-melodic part as it seems that different instruments are playing different melodies before they reunite for a much harder part. All these transitions are done without any noticeable effort by the Jazz/Noise-Rock institution that has been around for so long.


This newly made music video coincides with a brand new 15th anniversary vinyl reissue of their classic album Output Negative Space, which will be released through London’s DIY-label Human Worth on Nov 19th, after having originally been released on Neurot Recordings back in 2006. This special reissue also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the sad passing of Enablers’ drummer Joe Byrnes. Output Negative Space was met with wide critical acclaim upon its release and included in many end of year lists, including Kerrang’s.

You can preorder the album on Bandcamp.

And now, without further ado, enjoy the video.