Record_premiere Vain_valkyries

Vain Valkyries - The Great Suffering


The 90s were not all that bad. There were some bands, some songs and records that definitely stand the test of time. Vain Valkyries from Rouen surely heard the right stuff, condensed it into their own version of heavy, chunky Alternative Rock and will release their debut record on February 17. Here at VoS you can listen to the whole thing two days early!

The Great Suffering might sound a tiny bit cheesy at first but as soon the first song “Resolutions” opens with a Trent Reznor-homage piano-intro one knows that this is gonna be good, because they are not cloning anything no, the sound is self-sufficient in its own way. Isn’t that the way good to show one’s influences? And when they hit the gas pedal after 80 seconds these thoughts are wiped away any way. We can hear noisy slap-bass attacks. Some mathy angular guitar-riffs. Very well timed stop-and-go-moments. QOTSA-like pumping dry punk parts. All in there and all done well. I am sure you will enjoy this hot iron! The record can be pre-ordered on the band’s Bandcamp page.