Veil of Sound

Veil of Sound

Lifting the veil from underground music.


Tzompantli Beating_the_drums_of_ancestral_force

Tzompantli - Beating the Drums of Ancestral Force

Agriculture Livingiseasy_thecirclechant

Agriculture - Living Is Easy / The Circle Chant

Interview with Colin H. van Eeckhout (CHVE, Amenra)

Interview with Colin H. Van Eeckhout

Sooma Drue


Reka Decadence

Reka - Decadence

Song Premiere Vorare

Song Premiere with Vorare

Video Premiere Death_by_gong

Video Premiere with Death by Gong

Interview with Slim Cessna's Auto Club (Dark Folk, Americana)

Interview with Slim Cessna's Auto Club

Dopethrone Brokesabbath

Dopethrone - Broke Sabbath

Video_premiere Lucy_kruger

Video Premiere with Lucy Kruger & the Lost Boys

Interview with Nicolas van Meirhaeghe

Interview with Nicolas van Meirhaeghe

Double Premiere - Madness / Morgen

Record Special with Antzaat / Ronarg


Record Special with Demersal

Interview with TJ Childers (Inter Arma, Relapse Records, Extreme Metal)

Interview with Inter Arma

Goodbye_meteor We Could_have_been_radiant

Goodbye Meteor - We Could Have Been Radiant

Video_premiere Telepathy

Video Premiere with Telepathy