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Seasons Worn - A Flower in Faith


Do you also vivdly remember the second half of the 00s when we were witnessing a small shift in the Hardcore world with quite a few bands stepping away from Metalcore and into a somewhat more Prog-Core-approach? When we had bands like Dillinger Escape Plan leading a charge of bands that wanted to do more than just hit hard? When using some Mathy scales was not though of as posh but awesome? When bands like The Fall of Troy were “the hot thing”? Well, there’s a new band playing along to these tunes now - Seasons Worn from British Columbia and we are proud to give you their new EP!

What I still unashamedly love about this Prog-Math-Core thing from back then is that these were usually guys who not only knew how to play their instruments but who also knew that it’s a cool thing to do more than just riffs. Seasons Worn surely know about both and their new EP A Flower in Faith surely displays that attitude. Nevertheless, be aware that the basis here is still good, chunky Hardcore with some cool mighty riffs, some new Grindcore’ish double speed drum attacks and not the very Proggish style of the Fall of Troy but also not the kind of chaotic Math-Core of DEP. Seasons Worn can do nearly of all of that and a very good display of these skills might be the final track, “Revealing Light” which follows the audio sample of its predecessor “Stops the Water” and destroys that humorous ending with (first of) many Prog-Scales and (after that) with heavy riffs before vanishing into the Vancouver-sunset (which comes early, I heard?) by letting a somewhat breathing Ambient-Atmo-soundscape close out the EP after 14 minutes. This EP is surely nothing for people who need it clean and simple, stoic and old-school. However, if you like that second half of the 00s then you will surely feel right at home here after a few seconds.

You can order your copy of A Flower in Faith here for orders from the US or here for orders from Canada and elsewhere and you will surely not disappointed!

Track 1 - The Rose Chamber

Track 2 - Tragedy

Track 3 - Bound in Dead Leaves

Track 4 - Stops the Water

Track 5 - Revealing Light