Album_premiere Ashtoreth_pilgrimage_to_pleroma

Ashtoreth/Stratosphere/Marko Neuman & Pilgrimage to Pleroma - UR


“UR” - the name of supposedly one of the very oldest cities in the world, founded by the old Sumerians. If we tried to transpond that into music, it will probably be some of the deepest sounds possible in order to describe the depth and the age of that city. OR we can simply listen to UR, the collaborative record by some of Consouling Sounds’ most interesting artists. And today you can listen to the record in full here on VoS!

The A-side of this record is a collaboration by none other than long-standing Consouling alumni Ashtoreth and Stratosphere who are joined by none other than Dark Buddha Rising/Sum Of R-vocal-magician Marko Neuman. Contrastingly, the B-side is provided by Pilgrimage to Pleroma, the side-project by Mattias M. Van Hulle, one of the Pothamus-guys which shows that UR connects the different developmental phases of Consouling as well - a truly unique record, both sonically and thematically as all tracks have a root in ancient Greek philosophy and ethymology! Don’t miss out on this record!