Record_premiere Terminal

Terminal - R.A.T.S.


You still think the influence of Godflesh and Justin K. Broadrick can be diminished? Then listen to the debut-record of Olso-based duo Terminal. Oh wait, record only comes out tomorrow? Then listen to its premiere here on VeilofSound!

I want to talk about two tracks here quickly, “The Path” and the title track, which both feature Pia Isaksen on guest vocals. “The Path” is a straight-up Post-Punk and Industrial mash-up that takes its time and draws you in shortly after the first break when Pia’s ethereal vocals remind everyone a lot of Lisa Gerard (or Kate Bush, whichever you prefer). The next part is a lot more aggressive but one only notices it during the second spin, because the foreground is still dominated by these celestial vocals paired with some electronic beats in between. When the raging guitar kicks in at some point one is already lost and doesn’t think about passive- or aggressiveness anymore - a wonderful effect. The title track is different in its structure, because it doesn’t move into the hard parts but it rather descends from them. But then - straight in the middle there is this moment of blackened chaos of being lost in the spherical sonics. Here the danger is always lurking beneath the surface in a very seductive way. In that sense, the record works like a clear homage to all things Broadrick - be it the Industrial rust charme and the corrossion coming along with it. Or the Ambient lullabye of our beloved mother who cradles us but is also ready to kick our butts if we do not pay her the necessary respect.

Need to new favorite Industrial vs Ambient vs Post-Punk newcomer? Try Terminal:

R.A.T.S. can be ordered via Trepanation Recordings’ Bandcamp - we are sure you will fall in love with this one.