Record_premiere Gula16

Gula - Birds of the Apocalypse


We haven’t had a premiere here on VoS for quite some time and as the Xmas-hole is coming up soon, this might be the last premiere for 2023. BUT if it is, then this is one, we couldn’t be prouder of and one that couldn’t fit better - we give you the full stream for Gula’s upcoming opus magnum Birds of the Apocalypse!

The Dutch folks from Gula, based in Rotterdam, approached us few months ago and asked whether we’d be interested in premiering Birds of the Apocalypse in full; and this was a no-brainer as I know guitar and synth player Pieter’s near impeccable taste! And for all you out there it should be a no-brainer to listen to this record in full, because the mix of Krautrock, some Stoner-bits, Psychedelic jams and Space-Rock synth passages combined with the powerful vocals by bass sorceress Ilja Fase is such a strong potion that might induce not sleep but trance and if you have pressed the auto-repeat button, this might be a longer condition. Not one of suffering but one of heavy bliss. Enjoy the new record by Gula, folks!