Din of Celestial Birds & Hidden Mothers - ATG Interviews


Well, now that the dust of the outdoor festival season has finally settled and we are all turning our heads towards the indoors again, we thought it’d be nice to live through a bit of the wonderful emotional value of ArcTanGent via two interviews done by our very own Simon Kelsey who spoke to two of the most interesting bands from Northern England - Hidden Mothers and Din of Celestial Birds.

Both bands share a mutual love for the other one although they are from very different ends of the musical spectrum - Hidden Mothers with their version of Blackened Post-Hardcore or Post-Black Metal if you prefer and on the other side Din of Celestial Birds with their wonderful melancholic Post-Rock which will end up on a lot of AOTY lists later this year. Simon sat down at ATG and talked to them and you are therefore now able to witness both interviews. Enjoy him talking to two of England’s finest outfits!

Din of Celestial Birds

Hidden Mothers