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Abscissor - Record Premiere


It seems as if many bands are looking for new combinations of soundscapes and one of these new bands is Abscissor from Chicago, Illinois, the home of bands like Shellac or Yakuza, so maybe the Windy City has something to do with it? Metanoia is the quartet’s debut and it builds the bridge between eerie Post-Rock and progressive Death Metal. And you can only listen to the record here on VeilofSound!

There are many really good Progressive Death Metal bands and there are many really good Post-Rock bands but I can hardly remember one that takes elements from both and then doesn’t sound like a pure mash-up, because that could be the worst thing to happen, right? Sounding as if you are connecting things or songs that aren’t meant to be put together. The whole thing would turn into a novelty song and wouldn’t be more than Weird Al or any other “fun thing” to spend five minutes on. But when listening to Metanoia you will quickly see that there is much, much more than a few minutes to spend here. There are these wonderfully melancholic Post-Rock passages that lead into the nicely technical parts rooted in Death Metal. All of that comes with a good sense for melody and flow, for also really combining all these near-oxymoronic things into songs, not just adding a Post-Rock song to a Death Metal track or displaying a certain love for each genre in separate songs. No, Abscissor come here to stay for they are a fresh voice in a vibrant scene, come from a windy city and should make a big splash in the modern metal lake!

Metanoia will be released on Friday (March 29) and you can order it via These Hands Melt’s webstore or from Abscissor’s Bandcamp. The record surely deserves a lot of attention as it combines two genres that at first glance seem like total opposites, but the way that Abscissor combine them completely makes sense. Enjoy!

Track 1: Sessions of Consciousness

Track 2: Break the Cycle

Track 3: Fading From Memory

Track 4: Archaic Revival

Track 5: A Shadow’s Existence

Track 6: Live Through I

Track 7: Live Through II

Track 8: Live Through III

Track 9: Overcome

Track 10: Endless Motion

Track 11: Memento