Song_premiere All_are_to_return

All Are to Return - Drift


Dang! This is as close to the soundtrack of the apocalypse as anything I have heard in the last couple of years. All Are to Return return to the scene with a monster track that will haunt many of us due to the sound and the message! Listen to the latest single premiere here on VoS!

The duo which seemingly is up to no good apart from their motivation - they definitely do not want to please people with their sound somewhere between tectonic movements and spastic alien attacks. The idea behind their new record is to show how much we ruined this place and how irrevocably ruined it all is. The ecological apocalypse can hardly be reversed, if at all, and even though we know which trajectory we are all on, we keep fighting and dividing instead of trying to walk the only line possible - fight together against our extinction. This is all partially due to our own ignorance which keeps us unaware of what is going on, even though we might have to simply open our eyes to see the inevitable. This is what the duo has to say about the new track “Drift”:

“The ecological dark of our existence is pulsating with the presence of loss. Shifts occur on the periphery of awareness. Fundamental ruptures only inferred from apparent disappearance. Something felt before it is known. From here on, there are no stones that mark the path.”

The new record will be released on April 26 and on that day you can also witness the duo perform their live debut as part of a miracle billing at Vera Groningen, together with our friends in Ultha, Oud Zeer, the collaboration between Ontaard and Throwing Bricks (whose last single we premiered) and Ortega.

Vera Groningen, Oosterstraat 44, April 26, 2024

The result is III, their new album, out soon via Tartarus Records, so if you like this track, don’t forget to keep an eye on Tartarus’ webstore. And now - “enjoy” the end of our times!