Video_premiere Heimlich_manoever

Heimlich Manøver - Your Sad Soul


If you are somewhat familiar with TripHop you will know another great band like Portishead with a wonderful female lead voice - Morcheeba. And maybe Lamb. And somewhere in between these two voices gifted by the graces themselves with an enchanting warmth and “soul-ful-ness” lies the voice of Tåran Reindal - and we are happy to present her collaboration with Northern Germany’s Heimlich Manøver today.

The track “Your Sad Soul” itself is a wonderfully arranged simplistic endeavor with only some marginal, jazzy drums, some hushed synth-keys and it is mainly Reindal’s voice that breaths some kind of miracle into it. The track is enigmatic and open at the same time. Enigmatic because of her vocals, open because each musical add-on is clearly audible throughout its 3:19 minutes duration. A track that is a sure “repeater” - at least if you love these kind of voices and some minimalist approach to song-writing. Enjoy!