Song_premiere Junta

Junta - Sin Piedad


60 seconds. That’s all Junta need to showcase their No-nonsense-old-school-Hardcore with a few noisey bits. Sentient Ruin doing it again and laying a slightly different piece into their puzzle. MDC, Circle Jerks, State of Alert and many others from that first wave of (American) Hardcore - here are you heirs.

Junta are from New York City and yet, this is no classic NYHC - it’s not SOIA or Cro-Mags let alone Bad Brains. It’s much closer to that West Coast kind of Hardcore and yet it’s not a copycat. Beginning with the simple fact that they use Spanish and English plus the noisey shred-lines in the back we can see that the only thing it shares with NYHC is a sense of groove.

Another thing that is something regular for good Hardcore bands is their wish to point out social injustice and give something back to their community by doing shows in order to raise money and awareness for both reasons. Therefore we here are proud to do our little bit by premiering the new single “Sin Piedad” - the title could be translated in two ways: “Without Piety” or “Without Mercy”, both make sense when talking about this band and one thing remains clear for both of them: Junta are here to hurt by pointing their fingers at our failures and trying to show us where we can change for the better.

Some of you will probably love to visit the website of Sentient Ruin right now, where you can pre-order the record! Don’t forget to bang your head and clench your fist when you receive the record!