Cuntroaches - Borborygmus

19 Oct 2022 - Thorsten

Genre: Blackened Noise-No-Wave


Compilations are surely a difficult thing - either the tracks are way too homogeneous and becoming blurry and boring or the songs are way too diverse and the audience cannot see a red line in the compilation. With Sounds To Make You Shudder that is different and therefore we happily premiere one of its tracks!

One might say that it’s easier for a Halloween-themed noise-compilation to establish that red line because of the genre-elements, and when you then add legends like David Yow, Jim O’Rourke, John Dwyer or the Flying Luttenbachers to the equation - well what could go wrong?!

However, it’s not the tracks by these legends that make this compilation such a spectacular journey through sound and noise, one of them is Berlin-based project Cuntroaches. Their addition is called “Borborygmus” and it sparks my interest in their upcoming record to such great heights that I can hardly wait to hear more of their quite radical mix of swirling, gurgling noise, switchblade riffs and black metal-related vocals. All of that ends in a beautiful cacophony of dirt and glory. And now without much further ado, listen to the overpowering wave that is “Borborygmus”: