Video Premiere Mount_logan

Mount Logan - Track 01


Album of the Year was a pretty self-assured, if not to say arrogant, record title by Faith No More nearly 30 years ago. Well, in their case, it was justified. Fast-Forward to 2024 and we get another record with a pretty self-confident title - Mount Logan named their upcoming record Best of Music. And even though we love its tongue-in-cheek meaning, we are more than convinced of it and thus present you the video for the first track (also aptly titled “Track 01”) here on VoS!

Not trying to implicate any deeper knowledge of the idea of Ancient Greek “stoicism”, the modern adjective “stoic” could be a great start for any conversation about “Track 01”. The way that the guys from one Southern Germany’s most remote areas arrange their tracks around noisey beats which are then accompanied. This is one heck of a stoic rhythm with only the smallest of modulations which one can only really perceive after the third or fourth spin. Here we think we might have some new version of Kraftwerk’s pioneering electronic passages, only a bit more urgent and a little less playful. Nevertheless, the record is more than just beat, we also get other passages that will keep you spellbound.

If you only know Mount Logan from their split with Omega Massif, you might be surprised, what the guys are capable of - less Drone and Ambient, more AmRep and Krautrock. Exactly what one might need for a simple, cozy evening along in the garden with the sun setting late behind you and the red slowly disappearing from the face of the earth. And yes, I know that’s quite the opposite of the video! Enjoy this song for all it is - enigmatic and unpretentious, straight and energetic! Mount Logan are back (and if you like this track, you should come back next week….just sayin’)


The record will be available at their record release gig in Würzburg (see poster) on June 15 and on their Bandcamp account. And if you have not already done so - jump into the river of stoicism and enjoy “Track 01”!