Video_premiere Throatsnapper_brilliant_insane

Throatsnapper - Brilliant Insane


Some animals, dogs for example, snap at their owners’ throats sometimes, most of the time not going for the kill, but for a joyful game and attention. The Belgian guys in Throatsnapper are no youthful dogs anymore, but their music definitely grabs your attention and the remarkable video for their latest single “Brilliant Insane” will do the same with its puppets, black and white atmosphere and (!) a brilliant stomping Sludge sound! Enjoy the latest premiere here on Veil of Sound!

Throatsnapper are no unknowns here in the Veil of Sound realms as we already reviewed their last record About The Dead some time ago. Wait a minute - About The Dead, About Life? That can’t be no coincidence, right? No, it is not, surely it is not. The Antwerp based band continues on their path of trying to find out more about the human existence thematically even though the music journey is taking us on a bit of a different direction on the new album. A bit more punk’ish, a bit more vibrant on the edges, this record shows Throatsnapper a bit more direct in their approach. The aim was to come closer to their live sound - and I would say they definitely achieved that.

You can now pre-order About Life via Consouling Sounds’ webstore and - as always with this label - you won’t disappointed