Record_premiere Uragano

Uragano - Capo Danno


Screamo/Post-Hardcore outfit Uragano has secretly been whirling in the Italian underground for ten years after emerging from Sanremo. The band has released music in various formats and did live shows around Europe and UK. And now, the world will be yanked into their vortex of music fusing anything and everything Hardcore and pouring out frustrated Screamo vocals at odds with the surroundings. Be ready for January 25 when their album LP1 will be thrown at the world via Ripcord Records, Dischi Decenti 1a0, Salto Mortale Music, Non Ti Seguo, Remorse Records, 5 feet Under Records and Bus Stop Press.

We at Veil of Sound are proud to be able to premiere the first song from their upcoming album. The song is called ”Capo Danno” and is a masterly written short blast with thoughts and feelings about the last day of the year with a new voyago around the sun already on the horizon. The sound is massive, often dissonant with frenzied drumming. The track is as fragmented as it is engaging, with shifts and turns, sometimes contradicting its Screamo/Post-Hardcore affliliation with a lingering melody in the swirling realms. The band´s name translates to hurricane - what an apt description of the music.

When the album is released, we at Veil of Sound are sure that ears will pick up all around the world and it will be a new era for the band deconstructing the next decade with their music.

For those of you living in the UK - you can pre-order the record via Ripcord Records, for the other ones, just give one of the other labels a search and maybe you will find even more great stuff in their webstores!