Album_premiere Chasing_foxes

Chasing Foxes - The Sun


Everyone who grew up in the 90s or early 00s knows Liam - the guy whose voice turned already perfect rock’n’roll songs into anthems. Yes, Liam Gallagher who gave us vocal performances by the grace of god - just listen to “Champagner Supernova” or “Roll With It”. And very often we are reminded of how influential Oasis were. Chasing Foxes are yet another example of how.

The little snotty-ness that always accompanied Liam’s vocals can also be found in the sounds by Angoulême, France-based quartet Chasing Foxes. Their singer sounds like a younger version of the Mancunian lads. Whether the band is a project as tense as Oasis remains to be seen, hopefully not. From the things we heard, they surely know how to create powerful, cleverly arranged and intertwined rock’n’roll songs which always carry their love for records like Definitely Maybe on their sleeves. Each of the four songs on this new EP, dropping on Friday the 27th is a perfect impression of where they want to take their slightly mathy, slightly chaotic music. Enjoy the four tracks here: