Sugar Horse - The Live Long After

15 Oct 2021 - Thorsten

Genre: Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Post-Metal

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Every once in a while a band comes along and changes the perception of a certain genre without too many people noticing it. Sugar Horse could well be one of those bands! As the first part of that equation is a really good one, we now have to make sure the second part doesn’t happen!

Sugar Horse Tour Dates

Their new full-length The Live Long After shows a band very well equipped to change the game of Post-Rock and also Shoegaze at the same time, as their sound is much more than a combination of both as they also throw in an awesome share of Post-Hardcore lyrics so that the music, finally, is more respire than Russian Circles or My Bloody Valentine. The guys enrich their songs with several miraculously easily fitting elements like ethereal ambient parts, near-Gregorian clean harmonies. Do not sleep on this outfit, they might become bigger than you can imagine right now - for they have all the right things going for them! Veil of Sound is sure as hell happy to present you the new video for the record’s title track “The Live Long After”.

And if you live in Great Britain, make sure to check them out on tour these days, you can still catch them in Bolton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and London - we are sure, really sure, you will not be disappointed when seeing this enticing cocktail of alternative and forward-thinking music live!

You can order the album on Bandcamp.

And now, without further ado, enjoy the video.