Song_premiere Transmission_zero

Transmission Zero - Bridges


Anyone who has ever been to Cracow in Poland knows how vibrant the city is: bustling with young students at the many universities and colleges, buzzing with the cameras of tourists clicking to capture the city’s numerous sights and reverberating from the countless music clubs. If you were lucky, you might have seen the best Post-Rock band from Cracow: Transmission Zero. And lucky as we here at Veil of Sound sometimes are, we got a treat for you: “Those Brief Moments”, the next single of the band’s upcoming record Bridges, can now be heard exclusively right here!

Transmission Zero might be a young band but never mind that, because the band has grown up with their eyes set on the big stage, their ears trained with listening closely to what the first, second and third wave of Post-Rock had to offer and their skills honed by hours of rehearsal and songwriting! If you ever wonder what a fourth wave of Post-Rock could sound like, Transmission Zero and their new track give you a very good insight in that, “Those Brief Moments” is nothing but pure Post-Rock magic!

You can order this digipak CD directly from the band's Bandcamp

And now, here at Veil of Sound, Those Brief Moments by Transmission Zero! Enjoy!