Record_premiere Odist

Odist - Cascading Memory


The Corrupting Sea and the Last American Poet - two individual one-man projects that join forces. What do we get? An amazing record full of melancholic Spoken Word passages and mesmerizing synth-driven music somewhere between Synthpop and Ambient. Enjoy the latest premiere here on Veil of Sound.

This record seems not like a first-time collaboration but the result of yet another copious joining of forces. When we hear Shane’s Spoken Word passages floating above Jason’s emotional music, we hear a united band that hopefully comes up with more than “just this” record. There are moments on this record that reminds us of those brittle Bristol sounds to be found on the middle-era Massive Attack records (think of 100th Window) and sometimes the song could be an outtake of Faithless’ Reverence beginnings, which is surely meant as a compliment because most of us will have had a moment when they found themselves dancing along to “Insomnia” shouting Maxi’s lines like “and I’m drinking tea…”. When a record is able to achieve that with me, to take me back to a different period of my life and not making me feel ashamed but understoof then this is surely a good thing. However, what we should be aware of is that this record is not necessarily a sunshine-record. It is born from pain and suffering, but it is not trying to make you feel uncomfortable for it rather seeks help and comfort itself. And when the whole record is as good as this, then this warm embrace by the listener will surely be given. From me it definitely is shared for both guys, as I want to give something back, for they have given us a tremendous debut!

You can order the album via Somewherecold’s BC page and after several spins of the record, a purchase can only be highly recommended!