Song_premiere Endlingr

Endlingr - Tra


Ghent is calling again! A rather smallish city that feels like the epicentre of a whole universe of sound. The fortress in the middle is surely Consouling Sounds and our friends have something great lined up for us again - a new record by Endlingr, whose Psychedelic Noise Rock surely lives up to the hype we hope to ignite here!

Endlingr was formed approximately six years ago and now the world is graced with their new record Tra whose title track we give you today. The record consists of three tracks, “Crest”, “Ent” and the eponymous track as its grand finale. Roughly 46 minutes with “Ent” taking up nearly two thirds of it. One thing to be clear: This record is not for those among us with ADHD - because each track takes its time without ever becoming stale or boring. It’s not about the long built up (there are some longer lines on the record still) but it’s about the play between playfulness and structure, between power and control, between giving and providing. They provide us with cool, twisty tracks painted with something minute little pencils and sometimes with broad brushes. The palette used by the guys is rather bright so if you are looking for music to make you miserable, listen to something different (Schlager for me…the German equivalent to diarrhea). These folks know what they’re doing and they’re doing it with hectic patience and with calm giddy-ness. Sounds like a lot of oxymorons and paradoxes? Might be, but if you check the Space Rock on Tra you will understand the old saying “Turn on, tune in and drop out”. This is music to get lost to and in. Wonderful, but excuse me for a few hours, I just hit triple repeat!

In the meantime, if you want to pre-order Tra you can do so here at Consouling Sounds’ webstore!