Record_premiere Daughters_of_saint_crispin

Daughters of Saint Crispin - Triumphs/Damage


Daughters of Saint Crispin are a fairly new name< from Wisconsin and yet, one can hear some old-schooled Post-Metal on their new EP Triumphs/Damage which we are happy to present to you today! Enjoy!

Somewhere between Inter Arma and Godflesh we can find Daughters of Saint Crispin whose two new track on this new EP are pretty different from each other just like the two aforementioned bands differ. While the first track “Share your Triumphs” has a certain Southern twang to it, including the vocals delivered by Russell Emerson Hall who furthermore plays the guitar and many other instruments on the record. It has a classic Post-Metal structure but never gets boring because it sounds as if Pepper finally did a real Post-Metal record. Bass player Pete Leonard delivers the vocals on “I Believe in Damage” and his dirty clean vocals really drawn you in. This is like a chamber version of Industrial Metal. Wonderful mash-up! All in all, we think that Daughters of Saint Crispin could go far! What do you think?