Song_premiere Aldrig

ALDRIG - Amarone


Black Metal is a stale thing? It’s always the same? “Sounds like dudes who don’t know their instruments”? Well, somehow yes. Somehow no. As with all genres, Black Metal in its rich depths and cavernous rabbitholes takes some time to understand and appreciate. Heck, Rap music is also not the same as Rap music.Need proof for this idea connected to Black Metal? Listen to the premiere of this song by ALDRIG and listen to the little details.

Exhibit A: the highly vibrato on the strings after 3:46 when the bass is vibrating as if the weight of an exhausted world was weighing down on them. Exhibit B: The clean vocals shimmering through the song’s whole duration - they’re anguished and they’re careful not to outshine the song Exhibit C: the single-note clean guitars that are most prominent after 5:40 minutes and which create not the cliche of a center of a storm but a contemplating rest.

Hell, that should have already been enough reasons for you to give this song a listen. Need more? Well, ALDRIG is the new project by former Soul Grip Black Metal whiz kids Gert Stals and Jeroen de Roeck and man, it is awesome. It comes directly from Gent and aims for the heart of the listeners. The cover gently reminds me of Unru’s great effort Die Wiederkehr des Verdraengten (here our review) and there is even a similar vibe going through the record. One of adventurous spirits trying to create new paths and refraine from the old ones.

You can pre-order the album here at Wolves and Vibrancy Records and now enjoy “Amarone”!