Video_premiere Terreuse

Terreuse - TA:YO


Nothing can make a small webzine like ours feel prouder and simultaneously more humble than being trusted with a chance to reveal the existence of a new band to the world. We have been chosen to do so today by Terreuse and we are happy to give you their first video!

Terreuse is nothing short of a new “supergroup”, for lack of a better word, as its five members have been in bands like our friends Coastlands, Shipwreck Detective, Archiator, Isles, Grimoires and Shipwreck Karpathos! And behold, Terreuse is unlike any of these - and in that sense that is perfect, because an epigone of any of these bands might be awesome, but relevant? No, in the case of supergroups, something new should arise from their collaboration otherwise it’s just an infused version of the original. Terreuse is different in a sense that is hard to describe: Slow motion pickings, ultra-widescreen pictures that are extreme close-ups of singular things, the small flicker of a candle emblazing a fire and then the night-fire. If anyone was to ask me, how to describe the first song “TA:YO”, “campfire post-rock without amps but with electronic, highly melodic spherical drones.” Sounds pretty strange? Makes no sense? Indeed it doesn’t - when written down. Makes perfect sense - when being listened to. The song is slow, it grows and grows, it has no climax, it demands your attention through the little details. And it will get your attention, for it is mesmerizing and captivating.

But we do not want to waste your time anymore - enjoy “TA:YO” and be sure to follow whatever Terreuse will give us all!