Oahk Numeric_hands

OAHK - Numeric Hands


Sometimes we are a bit late, true. However, we never forget things that are important to us. OAHK’s acoustic album is such an important thing. It is so important for us, that we do not want to keep you busy searching, we want you to listen to Bryan’s new versions straightaway and therefore we present you Numeric Hands “Revised Acoustic Memories in its entirety.

Bryan Ziolkowski, who still hasn’t told me where his European roots lie, although I am pretty sure, it must be Poland, is one of those guys that many of us envy. He’s an amazing craftsman, has a lovely and caring wife, does a lot for the community he lives in, makes great music and much more. But as we all know about the “Lennon-side of life”, as yours truly likes to call the side of life, which throws rocks between your legs while your plans for a certain point or period of time have been completely different. Same can be said about Bryan and his better half Cynthia - so Bryan put a lot of love and thought into his music which serves as a kind of coping mechanism that he shares with the world. And we have said it often (like in this review) but maybe not often enough, Oahk’s music is something that should be released via The Flenser! Bryan would also be freaking out if that ever happened, as he also said in our interview and we would do so, too! With these acoustic versions he also proves the point that great songs can be stripped of nearly everything, down to their bare (finger)bones and still hold up! I am sure, many people will enjoy these versions as much as I do, and if so, then look him up on Bandcamp, because Oahk’s BC page is the spot where you can also fall in love with all the other songs and versions Bryan has used to cope with the things live has thrown at him!

And now - enjoy the warmth of an acoustic record full of sincerity and simply good songs!