Video_premiere God_ribbons

Gob Ribbons - Galina


Somewhere along the structures of Swedish cinematic Post-Rock grandseigneurs ef you can find Swiss-band quintet Gob Ribbons. We present you the AI-compiled video for their new single “Galina”.

For any Post-Rock band it’s of the utmost importance to present a sound understandable and not overwhelming. When listening to “Galina”, the new song by Lucerne-based band Gob Ribbons (what a wonderful pun, ay?), it is easy to sway along the light percussive percussion reminding us of a vibraphone. The track never erupts but the slightly progressive undertones give you an idea that there might be more than just beauty to the sound of these four guys. Somewhere between Soen and ef might be the best spot to place them. Their new EP Imparted II: The Delian Diver will be released on October 17th, so you have one week to sway along to “Galina” and its artificial-intelligence accumulated video before the band will show you the crunchier side of their sound.

You can also listen to the band’s whole back catalogue via their Bandcamp site but for now - here is the video for “Galina”: